Patrol Division

Captain Sven Armbrust

Lt. Kyle Senette

Sgt. Goodrich
Dep. Green
Deputy Perry
Deputy Doolittle
Deputy Hartley

Sgt. Pitts
Deputy Stanford
Deputy Davis
Deputy Bierman
Deputy Crane
Deputy Williams

Lt. Horton

Sgt. Harmon
Deputy Sturdevant
Deputy Boslem
Deputy Elliott
Deputy Swift
Deputy Dawson

Sgt. Colley
Deputy Brown
Deputy Covas
Deputy Boyd
Deputy Campbell
Deputy Morin

Sgt. Pitts: Training
Deputy Sturdevant: K-9 Unit

*Denise Frantum -Administrative Asst. (non-sworn position)

The Administrative/Training/Supply section of this Office is run by Lt. R. Douglass. His normal work hours are from 7:00 a.m.3:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Lt. Senette and Lt. Horton share in the supervision of the uniform patrol sections of this Office. They work alternating twelve (12) hour shifts. Their reporting times may vary on a daily basis depending on shift requirements.