Jail Staff

Sheriff Jolley

Christie Webb
Major / Jail Administrator

Lt. Monte Hale
Asst. Jail Administrator

Cpl. C.Hardaway
J. Hubbard
S. Patterson
L. Taliaferro
T. Railey

Cpl. Strickland
F. Price
R. Relford
D. Fowler
J. Voigt

Officer O. Beach
J. Davis
J. Winchester
D. Akens
E. Oliver

Cpl. Presley
Phil Ginn
Jackie Terry
K. Williamson
J. Lynch

Jail Assistant/Inmate Accounts: Janice Hixson

TAC: Bettye Mahone/Sande Patterson

Inmate Medical Services are contracted out to Southern Health Partners which provides a Nurse, Physicians Asst. Weekly, Physician Monthly and Psychiatric services as needed.

Inmate Food Services are contracted out to ABL Management and consist of a Manager and two employees.