sheriff-mike-jolleyHarris County Sheriff Mike Jolley As Sheriff, I am elected by the citizens of Harris County to over see the County Jail, Courtroom Security, Court Services and the Law Enforcement functions within Harris County. According to the Georgia State Constitution, the “High Sheriff” is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the county.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is made up of three (3) different county departments. Department 10 is commonly known as the “Gun Carriers or Road Deputies”. Department 11 is known as the “Jail” and Department 12 is identified as the Harris County Law Enforcement Center building along with its maintenance.

The Road Deputy side of this Office (Department 10) is made up of forty-two (42) sworn officers, two non-sworn staff members and two part time courthouse security staff. The Jail side of this Office (Department 11) is made up of six (6) sworn officers and nineteen (19) certified jailers. Department 12 has no assigned staff; however, it is a budgeted department for electricity, gas, telephones, and sewage.

Department 10 and its thirty-six (36) sworn deputies are broken down into the Patrol Division, the Criminal Investigation Division and the Court Services Division.

Mike Jolley